No matter where you are called to bless the kingdom: business, education, arts, sports, government, media / entertainment or ministry. Covenant Partnering is about seeing you flourish within the Kingdom because of your decision to see the Kingdom come to the earth through your obedience in blessing the work the Lord in this local house and in the nations. Through your covenant partnering the same anointing of divine favor and blessing that is on this ministry will flow to you and your household.

PTGI is committed to our covenant partners reaching their kingdom purposed destiny through anointed prayer, special gifts & teachings and partner meetings that focus on causing you to be fruitful sons in God’s Kingdom Agenda.

We pour into the personal lives of our partners the love and revelation of God through Jesus Christ. And ultimately, it is through this committed covenanted relationship that we complete the commandment of our Lord to take His covenant love and uncompromising Word both locally and globally to Transform People and Transform Nations.




Covenant Partner Statement

I understand as a Covenant Partner I am partnering with the leadership of this house to further and advance the Kingdom of God through the commitment of sowing financially as a partner in the favor and blessing of the Lord according to His word to see the knowledge and glory of the Lord cover all the nations the earth and I stand and agree with this Word that it happens through a people who realize it must be expressed as a reality through covenant giving.